My interpretation of – SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Rupert Mitchell

We have come to realize how important it is for businesses and enterprises to be encouraged in order to promote growth by way of exports as well as for internal consumption, as no country or business can constantly borrow to keep itself afloat unless output and exports match or exceed consumption and imports.

Where a business has potential but is not actually able to take full advantage of it then it should be helped by reduced taxation (and in certain circumstances government financial investment) until it has attained its full potential and then the matter should be considered again at that stage.

When it comes to matters of taxation and benefits then the following should be considered if every man, woman and child are to be allowed the chance of a reasonable standard of living:

There has been and still is far too much talk by the Conservative Government, by way of propaganda, intimating that the majority of people on Social Security Benefit are scroungers.    This may appear to be true but is far from true in reality and the majority of decent people on benefit hate being branded as shirkers and cheats and I believe the statistics indicate that about 3% are cheaters.

There will always be a few who try to cheat the system but these apparently are only a small minority and as to whether or not the cost of trying to catch these frauds is worth the cost is a debatable point, but no doubt (as with the new benefit revisions) the private firms employed by the Conservative government to carry out these inspections will make a good profit.

All men are NOT equal.   Some are born with greater ability than others and I quote as examples:  Elgar, Handel, Verdi, and Beethoven to name just a few with unique minds capable of composing wonderful music.    Then there are others, such as John Logie Baird and Louis Pasteur who made equally marvellous scientific and medical breakthroughs for the benefit of mankind in general.  These wonderful people were gifted and many were not entrepreneurs.    In a similar way successful entrepreneurs are also gifted as not every man has the ability to be successful in such a manner and usually it is the Mentor who takes advantage of the skills of a craftsman and who makes the actual profits.

Such people should be admired and congratulated on being successful and for creating employment as well as making a very good living for themselves.   HOWEVER, a very successful person, be he rich through striving to succeed or though having luck or inheritance,  should bear in mind that he is FORTUNATE to be in his position and not look down on nor seek to exploit those less fortunate, less clever or less gifted.

A successful man should have a moral duty to pay taxes in order to help those less fortunate.    In this day a man who keeps an annual income of say £150,000 AFTER he has paid tax at the standard rates should not mind paying 50% tax on all earnings above such figure; not a philosophy of the existing Conservative Government who seem to delight in cutting back on housing and disability benefits to those who have so little (in most cases through no fault of their own) in order to be able to enable the super rich to become even richer.

I am all for the rich becoming richer providing they are not encouraged to do so at the expense of their moral duty to pay a higher rate of tax in order to help those less fortunate; after all an income of say £3,000 per week after tax is a pretty good income and any additional could justifiably attract a 50% tax.

If one looks at all the marinas that surround our coasts one will see many thousands of luxury yachts which are rich men’s’ TOYS.   If one looks at the hugely luxurious homes and second and sometimes third homes of the super rich together with their TOYS I say good luck to them, but a responsible decent government should arrange taxation accordingly and see to it that there are no loopholes for them to escape paying a fair proportion of their good luck (and that includes those who have worked hard and succeeded for many have worked hard and not succeeded) rather than deprive those who are so very much less fortunate.

Our current society is sick with avarice and disregard for fellow human beings and this needs to be addressed by fair minded government which is NOT being done by the Conservative party.   The current financial ills of the country are not being addressed in a fair and decent way by insisting that those who can afford to help do so, but by penalizing those who cannot afford to and thereby furthering the aspirations of the super rich.